The Point Reyes Pack (Shipped OUTSIDE of CA/NV/OR)

This is the cheesiest gift of all and also a great way to stock your own fridge! A true representation of the delicious flavors Point Reyes Farmstead has to offer. From our farm, to your table, dive in to each cheese to savor and enjoy the fresh yet complex flavor profiles.

6 oz. Original Blue
-The only raw milk cheese produced on our family farm since we got our start in 2000, California’s iconic, classic-style blue cheese is rindless, all-natural and gluten-free. The addictive flavor is bold with hints of sweet milk and a peppery finish.

6 oz. Bay Blue [Favorite of Edible Marin & Wine Country publisher and editor, Gibson Thomas]
-Inspired by the sheer natural beauty of our coastal climate and locale, Bay Blue is a rustic-style blue cheese with a natural rind. It is known for its mellow flavor and sweet, salted caramel finish.

6 oz. Toma
-In Italian, Toma means “wheel of cheese made by the farmer herself.” What better way to describe this, our most versatile, any time, any table cheese. Full of rich butter notes, Toma is an all natural, pasteurized, semi-hard table cheese with a waxed rind.

6 oz. TomaTruffle
-TomaTruffle is the perfect combination of classic Toma paired with the aromatic flavors of Italian Black Truffles from Umbria. Reminiscent of undergrowth, fresh strawberries, dried fruit and a hint of cocoa, the earthy flavor of truffles marries beautifully with the buttery richness of Toma.

6 oz. TomaProvence
-TomaProvence is full of savory Mediterranean flavor. Complementing the creamy butter notes of Toma, we've added Herbs de Provence. Our blend includes Rosemary, Basil, Marjoram, Savory, and Wild Thyme.

6 oz. TomaRashi
-TomaRashi, with its blend of heat, umami and nutty flavors, is a total standout in our new flavored Toma lineup. The key to the flavor is Schichimi Togarashi, a Japanese spice blend containing nori, toasted sesame, poppy and hemp seeds, chili flakes and ginger.
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Maker: Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Co
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