Dried Maitake Mushrooms (2 pk)

2 bags of Dried Maitakes
Net Wt. 0.5 oz (14g)- each (1 oz total)

Maitake means 'dancing mushroom' in Japanese. Legend has it that Buddhist nuns were foraging on a mountain when they found it fruiting under the trees. The discovery of its delicious flavor and healing properties, prompted the nuns to dance with joy, ultimately giving the fungi its name.
Maitakes are a natural flavor-enhancer. They provide a rich, savory umami flavor that excites receptor-specific nodes on your tongue. Naturally rich in vitamin D, beta-glucans, antioxidants, potassium, and amino acids, they are one of the healthiest foods. Considered an adaptogen, Maitakes also help regulate systems of the body that have become unbalanced.

Instructions For Rehydrating
- Soak mushrooms in hot water for 30 minutes.
- Drain and reserve liquid for sauces, stocks, or soups.
- Rinse the soaked mushrooms under fresh water.

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