Stemple Creek Ranch

Our history in Marin County began over a century ago when Angelo Poncia immigrated to the remote outpost of Fallon from his native Italy. The dairy he originally established on this land survived for three successive generations.

Today, Stemple Creek Ranch is proudly run by Angelo’s great-grandson, Loren, and his wife, Lisa, who have reinvented the family business with a vision for raising superior-quality grass-fed and -finished meats. Their daughters, Avery and Julianna, along with their cousins, will be the fifth generation to steward the land.

Our Philosophy - Our goal is to work in harmony with Mother Nature to promote optimal biodiversity that ensures the long-term health and productivity of the ranch.

Most of our pastureland is certified organic, and our free-range beef and lamb are 100% grass-fed and grass-finished. We rotationally graze our stock on open pasture from birth to harvest. They are never supplemented with grains, corn or soy, and never receive artificial hormones, growth accelerators or antibiotics. Our pigs are humanely raised in large outdoor pens, where they enjoy a vegetarian diet with plenty of room to socialize and express natural behaviors.

Our animals never see a feedlot. Ever.

Our Land - At over 1,000 acres, Stemple Creek Ranch is 100% protected through the Marin Agricultural Land Trust (MALT) to insure it will remain a productive part of the Marin County agricultural landscape forever.

Our management strategy is aimed at creating a sustainable future for the fifth generation of our family. To that end, we actively preserve sensitive wildlife habitat, maintain and restore natural watershed areas, utilize cutting-edge solar and gravity flow technology and practice an intensive schedule of rotational grazing.

Our Animals - Our pastured, free-range beef cattle are predominately Angus with some Angus crosses. We pride ourselves on maintaining strict genetic standards and have carefully honed our herd over the past 15 years to produce the finest premium finished meat possible. Since we harvest year-round, it is important that our animals have access to green grass at all times. To make this possible, we graze cattle on our home ranch in Tomales and on other seasonal pastures throughout Northern California. We also have several carefully selected cooperator herds, which means we partner with other outstanding ranchers in Northern California and Oregon who agree to raise our cattle according to our precise standards. We are fortunate to have established relationships with some of the best ranchers in the country, who help make our goal of year-round production possible. Our cattle are always 100% grass-fed and grass-finished, which means they never eat corn, soy or other grains. They also live their entire lives on open pastures and, of course, never see a feedlot. All of our cattle are raised organically, and some of them are certified organic.


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