Shared Cultures

Shared Cultures is a San Francisco based food company creating newly imagined probiotic sauces, marinades, and ferments using the magic of KOJI.

In 2019, Shared Cultures’ co-founder Eleana Hsu developed a deep passion for fungi through foraging wild edible mushrooms in the San Francisco Bay Area. While researching techniques to preserve the bounty of nature, she was introduced to the powerful world of fermentation. Eleana soon learned that her grandmother used koji to make traditional ferments. Inspired by her family’s food history, Eleana combines her passions through the art of fungal fermentation with Shared Cultures.

Eleana has since teamed up with her partner Kevin Gondo to transform secondary, local produce into new and exciting ferments that help mitigate food waste.

As a team, we combine the traditions of our Chinese American and Japanese American heritage to guide the products that we share with our community today.

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